Emotional Loyalty

Achieving Emotional Loyalty with Customers

Emotional Loyalty Approach

Emotional Loyalty Approach explores Emotional, Cognitive, General and Transactional dimensions of customer satisfaction and loyalty process in multichannel customer relations, and improves customer experience between every hello and goodbye…

Dr. Hüseyin Güngör developed Emotional Loyalty at the University of Amsterdam and influenced many organizations in numerous countries and industries with this approach.

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Customer Modules

start with a total experience assessment in customer touch points like face-to-face, voice-to-voice and click-to-click environments. After the initial assessment an Experience Design process starts by following the customer journey.

Frontline Employee Modules

start with a situational service assessment. Related training modules improve the emotional skills of frontline employees with the RAID methodology:Recognize customer emotions, Adjust service strategy, Improve the relationship, and Display new opportunities (cross/up-sale) to the right customer at the right time.

Proactive Service Recovery®

is one of the unique concepts of the  Emotional Loyalty approach and establishes new business models through which customer disappointments are followed-up and resolved proactively.

Organizational Learning

in Emotional Loyalty Approach utilizes customer and employee feedback for product and process improvements with several practical tools and methodologies.

“This approach thus covers four major stake-holders in the customer relations environment and provides: More positive treatments for customers; Emotional Intelligence skills for employees; Continuously improving product & process for management; and Consequently, better bottom-line results for shareholders..”


About Hüseyin Güngör

Dr. Hüseyin Güngör is a Director at VODW, a strategy and marketing consultancy with a team of 100+ consultants and interim professionals, based in The Netherlands.

Before joining VODW, Hüseyin was a global expert for service operations and customer experience at McKinsey & Company.
Prior to consulting he was an investment and retail banker for Demirbank (HSBC), marketing manager for Philips, and head of savings accounts & call center for DHB Bank.

He is the author of “Emotional Satisfaction of Customer Contacts”, “Achieving Emotional Loyalty with Customers” and many articles on customer experience. He lectures marketing, CRM and CEM at various business schools and serves as a jury member for customer service awards, such as Call Center Awards in The Netherlands.

Hüseyin received his Ph.D. degree in Business Studies and his Master’s degree in International Relations, both from the University of Amsterdam.

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